The Draper



The Draper is an exceptional development that harmoniously embraces and revitalizes a historic downtown Main Street, where preservation meets transformation. The distinctive design strikes a perfect balance, ensuring the preservation of the area’s rich heritage while infusing new life into the surroundings.


This dynamic project seamlessly combines distinctive residences, vibrant retail spaces, and functional offices, creating a uniquely curated block that embraces the magnificent Rocky Mountain views. The residential experience at The Draper goes beyond merely providing homes; it celebrates the historic urban setting. With 96 residential units, the project seamlessly connects residents to the great outdoors and the heart of the city, fostering a strong sense of community and belonging.


The Draper includes the activation of an alley, the creation of a new lane, and a charming courtyard space that seamlessly links the two. Craftsmanship and a thoughtful choice of materials create a strong sense of character and discovery within this new open space network. Reflecting the historic pattern of development in downtown Loveland, the enhanced permeability and connectivity foster retail activation, further enriching the overall experience for residents and visitors alike.


Tryba Architects


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